Here is the menu for 2/1-2/10
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Feb Menu
Dear Parents, This communication is regarding the recent discovery of bed bugs at HSES. Modern Pest has shared with us their recommendations. Modern Pest shared in their report that no bugs were found but there was a “hit” from the dog, indicating that there may have been a presence of bed bugs at one time. This means the scent was there but no actual bugs or eggs were found. Modern Pest does not recommend treating the schools at this time unless an evident infestation was found. At this point, there is no infestation. Steps moving forward include having the custodial crew in each building conduct a deep cleaning in rooms where the K-9 got a “hit” to prevent any type of spread. There will be other rooms that will receive a deep cleaning to avoid the spread. Modern Pest shared in their conversation with our Building and Grounds person that bed bugs are very slow moving and inactive during the day or when exposed to any light. Infestations outside of beds, homes, nursing homes or places where people normally sleep are unlikely. Please be assured we are taking proper steps and precautions to make sure our staff and students are safe. We are relying on the experts in this field for guidance and their knowledge to help us resolve this problem. The following policy and protocol are being followed. Click on the links below to review them:JLC-E RSU #10 Bed Bug Protocols JLC-E1 RSU #10 Bed Bug Inspection Form
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"Snow Days" = Remote Learning Days Please read more at this link:
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Below is an important message for HSES parents: -We recently found a bed bug in your child’s school. -We are following district policy to address this matter. -Bed bugs are a nuisance, but their bites are not known to spread disease. -If you have medical concerns for you or your child, please contact your doctor. -RSU 10 has conducted an inspection and, if needed, will implement our integrated pest management plan in the area where the bed bug was found. -HSES will continue to provide thorough inspections of schools and have licensed pest control specialists assist with pest management if necessary. -If you have any questions regarding bed bugs found in your home visit -RSU 10 Policy Bed Bug Policy: **Another correspondence will go out tomorrow morning to those parents who have a child in the classroom where the bed bug was found. This will be done via an automated phone message.
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There will be no school in RSU 10 today, Thurs. January 26th. This includes Western Foothills Regional Program.
11 days ago, Deb Alden
There will be no school in RSU 10 schools today, Monday January 23rd. This includes Western Foothills Regional Program.
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Here is the lunch menu for the remainder of January:
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Jan menu
There will be no school in RSU 10 today, Friday, January 20th. This includes Western Foothills Regional Program.
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Attached you will find some important information about HSES Pre-K Registration:
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There will be no school in RSU 10, today, Friday January 13, 2023.
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Good Citizens for the month of December for the character trait of self discipline/control are as follows: Mrs. Arsenault-Oaklynn Sanborn Mrs. Black-Calvin Johnson Mrs. Thone-Zohee Mackerron Miss Caron-Brooklyn Pratt Mrs. Reuter-Aubrey Puleo Mrs. Trenoweth-Jackson Weigman Mrs. Houghton-Matthew Lebida Mrs. Raymond-Hudson Andrews Mrs. Burnham-Madelyn Lacroix Mrs. Vining-Savannah Soucy-McKay Mrs. Bamford-Hazel Johnson Ms. Blyberg-Mayson McAlister Mrs. Campbell-Joshua Lebida Mrs. Steele-Hannah Campbell Ms. McCarthy-Lillie Bachelder Mr. Wodatch-Eleni Reinstein Ms. Puleo-Erin McLeish Miss White-Daisy Vining Mrs. Savage-Grace Veinott Ms. Lalemand-Jackson Hooper Mrs. McGinty-Daisy-Lyn Girardin Congratulations to these students and their families on receiving this award.
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December Good Citizens
Hartford-Sumner Elementary Benefit sponsored by Hannaford
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HSES Benefit with Hannaford
Here is the lunch menu from 1/3-1/13 for the month of January:
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January Menu 1/3-1/13
Holiday Edition of Positive Posts!
about 2 months ago, Deb Alden
Due to the incoming storm, R.S.U. 10 will have a half day of school today, Friday, December 16th. Dismissal will be at 12pm. There will be no out of district transportation.
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Attached is a reminder from the PTC regarding the Little Caesar's fundraiser.
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Little Caesar
Hello, After surveying staff, students and community members, we are down to the final 2 name options for the New School Building coming to RSU 10. Please vote for your top choice here: Thank you!
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Check out the latest happenings at HSES!
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November Newsletter
Good Citizens for the Trimester 1 Good Citizen award are as follows: Mrs. Arsenault-Connor Ryan Mrs. Black-Ian Barker Mrs. Thone-Ella Williams Miss Caron-Norie Bachelder Mrs. Reuter-Chad Veinott Mrs. Steele-Mykayla Howard Mrs. Trenoweth-Lucas Mitchell Mrs. Houghton-Julius Barnes Mrs. Raymond-Blake Lalemand Mrs. Burnham-Raelynn Stevens Mrs. Vining-Grace Abraham Mrs. Bamford-Evelyn Miclon Ms. Blyberg- Johnathan Stevens Mrs. Steele-Ainsley Hutchinson Ms. McCarthy-Lydia Wright Mr. Wodatch-Kyra Silva Ms. Puleo-Kayleigh Levesque Miss White-Trevor Ryan Mrs. Savage-Gavin Blake Ms. Lalemand-Dustin Guilmette Congratulations to these students and their families on receiving this award.
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Nov Good Citizen
Information about picture retakes on Tuesday, December 6th.
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Picture Retakes