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RSU10 Notification

RSU10 Notification, 1 day ago

This notification is to let parents and families know that based on the specifics of a positive COVID case, you may or may not receive a personal phone call or message regarding your child. We will be using our automated system to notify parents. This will help notify the necessary individuals in a timely and efficient manner. You will continue to receive written documentation from the school.

Leanne Condon

Leanne Condon, 4 days ago

Please see the COVID-19 Flowchart at this link --

Thank you,
RSU 10 Administration & Nurses

Matt Gilbert

Matt Gilbert, 5 days ago

Financial Aid information available through this: link:

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Deb Alden

Deb Alden, 10 days ago

Please join us to reduce quarantining and sign up for Pool Testing today.
As soon as we have at least five(5) people/students consenting for pool testing participation in any classroom or grouping we will be able to begin Pool Testing for that group and those participating would ONLY be required to quarantine IF they test positive themselves. This includes those ALREADY vaccinated. Please consult your School Nurse with additional questions.
Below are the two (2) consent forms that must be completed for participating in Pool Testing
You can also get a hard copy of these forms in any school office.

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