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Deb Alden

Deb Alden, 3 days ago

As I wrap up my fourth year as your Superintendent, I am reflecting on how thankful I am to be a part of RSU 10. I am proud of our District and how hard all of our staff are working to continue our quest to do better for our students. Everyday I see staff and students striking that balance between being healthy and safe and being present in-person and participating virtually. What a challenge this has been for all of us!
As we continue our work to be better with remote learning we also are seeking ways to allow students to be in-person learning for more time and have more students move from fully remote to in-person. This is being considered by each school individually.
PLEASE continue following our guidelines to stay healthy and safe! Help us keep Oxford County Green!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Deb Alden

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Deb Alden

Deb Alden, 8 days ago

Holiday Covid Message:

RSU10 Notification

RSU10 Notification, 9 days ago

Wednesday, November 18th at 10am! FREE FOOD BOX at MVHS 2nd Entrance. More details:

Deb Alden

Deb Alden, 15 days ago

Please see Covid-19 & More Update:

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