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Deb Alden

Deb Alden, 4 days ago

Tomorrow, Friday April 16th, will be a Remote Learning Day in all schools in RSU 10. This is due to the impending weather and the fact some schools have low In-Person staff numbers. Please plan accordingly and this day WILL NOT be made up in June. Please have a safe and fun vacation week. If traveling, check this out:

Crystal Duguay

Crystal Duguay, 12 days ago

Thank you Opportunities Enterprises for giving our staff Autism Awareness Ribbons!

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RSU10 Notification

RSU10 Notification, 12 days ago

Yesterday we sent out information about the upcoming events regarding our NEW school building project. Some are having issues with the link, please follow this link for more information:

RSU10 Notification

RSU10 Notification, 13 days ago

​Please join us at these upcoming events to learn more about our new school building project in RSU10.​

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