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RSU10 Notification

RSU10 Notification, 1 day ago

This notification is to let parents and families know that based on the specifics of a positive COVID case, you may or may not receive a personal phone call or message regarding your child. We will be using our automated system to notify parents. This will help notify the necessary individuals in a timely and efficient manner. You will continue to receive written documentation from the school.

Leanne Condon

Leanne Condon, 4 days ago

Please see the COVID-19 Flowchart at this link --

Thank you,
RSU 10 Administration & Nurses

Deb Alden

Deb Alden, about 1 month ago

Welcome Back to School 2021 - Please see message at this link:

Deb Alden

Deb Alden, about 1 month ago

Please read the latest RSU 10 update at this link:

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