From the Office of Mr. Casey

Mountain Valley Middle School and Community,

At Mountain Valley Middle School we have significant and specific expectations of conduct for our students, our staff, our visitors, and the entire community that engages with our school. 

We expect that our school will be a safe place for all students and staff, and we work everyday to make sure we all feel safe and ready for the teaching and learning process. We have practices and common expectations to ensure that our code is a reality for our students and staff. We follow an expectation of being respectful, acting responsibly, and doing what’s right. We also follow and believe in the RSU10 equity statement and work everyday to be an anti-racist and anti-biased school.

The other night we had a hacker interrupt the virtual part of the school board meeting and break our code in several ways. They made us all feel unsafe; they used racial slurs; and, threatened our safety. At Mountain Valley Middle School, we do not accept the use of the specific words that were used or any other form of hate or threats against our school. We want all of our students and staff to know how sorry we are that you had to feel unsafe and worry about coming to school. It is absolutely awful that you had to hear the N-word at an RSU 10 school function as well as other words and threats that hurt all of us. To our students of color specifically, I am sorry that you heard or have heard the N-word associated with our school. That terrible and racist word is always unacceptable in any setting. I trust that local law enforcement will keep us safe and do everything they can to hold those intruders accountable. 

Together we can stand against hate and violence. We will never ignore this type of behavior, and we will continue to work hard to eliminate it from our world. 


Ryan Casey


Mountain Valley Middle School