Work injuries need to be reported to Judith Houghton, Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant at the central office. Please know that any and all injuries should be reported. If you are punched, kicked, or bump yourself enough to cause a bruise, you need to report it. There could be residual effects down the road that may require medical attention.

To report an injury, you must complete the Employee’s Incident Report. You must also have your supervisor or building principal complete the Supervisor’s Incident Report and submit to your building secretary. These reports should be completed the day of the injury, if at all possible.

If you have an injury that needs emergency medical attention, please go to the emergency room. If it is an injury that does not require emergency medical attention but you want to be seen by a doctor, please call Judith Houghton 369-5560 ext. 8208 to have an appointment set up for you.

As the employer, we have the right to send you to the physician of our choice. We use Swift River Occupational Health in Rumford and sometimes we will refer you to Concentra in Norway, depending which location is most convenient for you. After 10 days from the date of injury, you have the right to see any doctor of your choice. If you have any questions please contact Judith Houghton at the central office.