Are there peanuts or any other nuts in any of the food?

Can I pay for my meals by the week?
With the our Point of Sale System, it is preferred that you pay for the week or even longer. The account is only charged if the student takes a meal or milk or makes an a la carte purchase. Any leftover funds at the end of school carry over to the next school year – even if the student changes buildings. Additionally, any negative account balance will also carry over to the next school year, even if the student changes buildings. By setting up an account at, you may also pay online using a credit or debit card.

Why can’t I have A La Carte items for my lunch?
Students may buy extra items with the new POS system, as long as there are funds available on the school meal account. It will be deducted from their school meal account at the point of service. Free and reduced students will need to have money in their account in order to do this. No student may charge an a la carte item, so if there are no funds on a student’s account, we will not allow an “a la carte” purchase.

Who writes the menus?
The Food Service Director designs the menus, using a computer program called “Nutrkids” which insures that the meals meet the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Under the Communities Putting Prevention to Work Grant our district is redesigning the menus for even more local foods and still meet our US Healthier Meals Challenge.

What if I have lactose intolerance child who can’t drink milk?
You must to bring in a doctor’s note attesting to the fact and give it to the school nurse. The doctor must specify what the substitution should be: soy milk or lactaid milk. Only Lactaid milk or soy milk are approved as a substitution for dairy milk. All other substitutions must be supplied by the parent or charged as an a la carte purchase. Federal regulation mandates that any product substituted for dairy milk must be the nutritional equivalent of dairy milk.

Why does the menu say “Subject to change without notice”?
Sometimes foods we have ordered for that day’s menu do not arrive in time or are the wrong item. In these cases we must substitute menu items.