RSU 10 continues to work on the plans for fall 2020.  The four committees have each created recommendations that can be found in the folders at the bottom left corner of this page.

Academic Programs & Student Learning 

Common Expectations for Remote Learning

Health & Safety

Mental Wellness / Social, Emotional, Behavioral Learning

All other information can be found in the District Information Reopening Schools folder, which includes folders for each of the following information --

Community Information -- This includes the Powerpoint shared at the Community Virtual Forum.  The Frequently Asked Questions from this forum, and the two Community Newsletters that have been published.

Models -- This folder contains the board approve model and the models for each of the color designations.

Surveys -- We have included the various surveys and results.  We continue to work on the final information from the two student registration forms and will put that information in this folder when it is complete.

MDOE Framework for Return to School This is the MDOE plan for districts. 

Please refer to -- Required Health and Safety Measures for All Schools found at MDOE Framework for Return to School; Part 1. This continues to be updated.

Below is the Membership List for each of the four committees.  

KEY: Bold denotes teachers, specialists, & ed techs and * depicts co-chairs for each committee.

    Academic Programming & Student Learning
    Common Expectations for Remote Learning
    Health & SafetyMental Wellness / SEL (Social Emotional Learning)
    Leanne Condon* Deb Alden* Deb Alden*Clarissa Fish*
    Clarissa Fish* Leanne Condon* Scott Holmes*Kasey Flagg*
    Mike Nolette Alyssa Crews Jayne ArsenaultKathy Carey
    Tami Roy Deb Carver Tina HicksKatie Nolette
    Leanne Virgin Mike Prescott Chris ArsenaultTami Roy
    Amanda Lyle Melissa Reuter Penny CarrierCarissa Flagg
    Heidi Campbell D'Ann Savage Cortney SiroisTrina Fortin
    Darcy Francis Lynn NewallTom DanylikKate Rideout
    Cheryl Gurney Cecilia Paliocha
    Crystal DuguayHolly Woodworth
    Kim Fuller Ryan Casey Tracy PinkhamKelley Boyce
    George Reuter Ryan Wilkins Nicole PinkhamTai Mirach
    Jill Bartash Matt Gilbert Lee BerryMary Lou Peterson
    Greg Buccina Brian Carrier Kim Clement Brenna Parent
    Charlie Maddaus Jeff Bailey Jeanne LapointeLorraine Tanguay
    Danielle Brown Mike Webber Miki SkehanKim Fuller
    Elisha Morris Taryna ConstantinoKathy SuttonKayla Coulombe
    Kerri Monto Brenda DupileSarah BlyAllie Burke
    Bridgette Culleton Katrina RoyAngela TheriaultKara Bryant
    Ryanne Prevost Jessica SiroisMaria WinshipKarri White
    Chris Perks Kristin SchrepperAmanda KolinBrenda Bouchard
    Lacey Todd Michelle Boucher -LaddAudrey CoffmanStephanie Byrd
    Kati Mazza

    *Committee Chair/Co-Chair