Meet Our Board of Directors
Name Town Term Expires
Jerry Wiley, Co-Chair Buckfield June 2023
Michelle Casey Buckfield June 2022
Gail Parent
Hanover October 2021
Chad Culleton Hartford June 2021
Veronica "Bonnie" Child Mexico June 2024
Peter DeFilipp Mexico June 2022
Janet Brennick Mexico June 2023
Justeen LaPointe Roxbury March 2023
Abbey Rice Rumford June 2021
Daniel Hodge
Rumford June 2023
Robert "Bill" Hobson Rumford June 2022
Greg Buccina, Chair Rumford June 2022
Jennifer Adams Sumner August 2022

RSU10 School Board Goals

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

It is the goal of the RSU No. 10 School Board to maintain a strong focus on teaching and learning and to ensure all students are performing at high academic levels based on local, state, and national standards, thereby assuring students are prepared for the world of work, post-secondary education, and citizenship in the 21st Century.

Buildings, Grounds, and Facilities

It is the goal of the RSU No. 10 School Board to cost effectively provide and maintain high quality buildings, grounds, and facilities and ensure the infrastructure exists for students to have safe, reliable, and modernized learning environments to nurture their academic, physical, and social well-being.

Family and Community

It is the goal of the RSU No. 10 School Board to communicate with families, businesses, civic organizations, and the entire community to increase mutual understanding and enhance community involvement in the schools and civic engagement by our students in the community.

Resource Development and Allocation

It is the goal of the RSU No. 10 School Board to raise and expend financial resources at reasonable and necessary levels to ensure students have high quality instructional programming and highly skilled personnel to serve them.