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Please Read through the Important Information Below

Conference Request Forms
These forms need to be approved by your building administrator, Clarissa Fish (if conference is special ed. related), Leanne Condon, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and then Deb Alden, Superintendent, PRIOR to registering or attending the conference. Without these signatures, it is NOT considered an approved conference. It is important to allow for a two-week lead-time between conference request and attendance to allow for processing.

Please note the expenses section on this form is for an estimate of the cost and is not intended for reimbursement. There is a separate form for reimbursement called Payment Voucher for Professional Conference.

Course Reimbursement
This form would be completed if you would like the course to be pre-paid or reimbursed by the district. What the district covers and how much, is specified in each bargaining agreement so please review yours if you have any questions.

Accompanying this form should be an invoice/bill from the university or college. This is what Josette includes with the check she mails to them. Be sure the invoice/bill has the break down of both the tuition and fees separately or it will be returned to you. The district pays up to a certain amount for each of these depending on your bargaining agreement so it is imperative these are both listed.

It is important to allow at least three to four weeks between the date payment is due to your college and the date you submit the request. This allows time for any questions to be answered, additional information submitted if needed, the superintendent to approve and then for Josette to process for payment. Checks are processed every other week, with all checks needing to be approved by a board member. Any late fees accrued because of a short notice submittal to the central office, will be the responsibility of the employee.

After you have completed the course, grade verification is required. Please send Josette a copy of your grade, ensuring the copy you send her has your name listed somewhere on the page.

Payment Voucher for Professional Conference
This form is completed after you return from an approved professional conference/workshop and reimbursement is needed for mileage, tolls, meals, etc. Do not submit this form prior to attending the conference. There have been instances where folks do not end up attending the conference so we do not want to process these in advance. Please be sure to write the number of miles you traveled, instead of the dollar amount to be reimbursed, as the IRS mileage rate does change. Please send this form to Josette Duguay at the central office.