RSU #10 is Accepting ESEA Application Comments

RSU #10 accepts funding through the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) of 1965. As part of ESEA, RSU #10 is required to provide reasonable opportunity for public comment on the consolidated application and consider such comment prior to the submission of the application. RSU #10 is accepting public comment on the ESEA application through July 24, 2020.

FY21 Title Preliminary Allocation

Title 1$1,151,124

Title II$ 170,436.99

Title IV$ 114,936.83

Title V$ 23,546.77

Overview of FY21 ESEA Application

The application is organized into projects. Below is a list with a brief description of each project.

School Wide Programs

HSES, MES, RES, and MVMS are all Title 1 schools. Funds pay for Title 1 staff, academic coaches, and some materials/supplies.

School-Wide Projects

HSES -- $201,922.25

MES -- $442,694.70

MVMS -- $166,386.24

RES -- $408,085.86

Set Aside Projects --


The goal of this project is that all students who are deemed to be in need of Title 1A Homeless funds will receive services according to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. The funds provide transportation to and from school and assist students with some school supply needs, clothing articles, academic assistance to support participation in classes and activities. (NOTE: Most funds are in travel to pay for transporting students from other areas to/from the district.)

Travel $9,500

Supplies $500

Family Engagement

The goal of this project is to increase family engagement. We will continue to fund family nights (on site or virtually) at each elementary school to provide opportunities for parent involvement through events that promote literacy and mathematics. We will continue our focus on an attendance focus concerning the importance of daily attendance. We are supporting our schools program to have the site coordinator and other instructors work directly with families to increase family engagement in school education. Contact will include robo calls, texts, and emails, teacher/admin phone calls and meetings, as well as family nights.Budget = 1% of Title 1 Amount @ $11,516.79

ESEA Program CoordinatorThese funds will be used to oversee the coordination of the ESEA program.$6,430

Professional Development

The purpose of this project is to provide professional development for staff in the areas of instructional strategies to increase achievement and student engagement. Staff have also expressed a need for continued professional training in terms of supporting student behavior and increasing attendance.

Another focus for training is in the area of behavior as a way to provide support to our students who are dealing with trauma, poverty, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) -- all issues that interfere with learning and with attending school. Teachers may receive training around providing a safe and healthy learning environment for students, and building relationships with families to increase school attendance. Other training may include professional development in Units of Study Reading(at MES & RES), Teacher College Writing and Assessments (at all elementary schools), and in our K-12 math programs.

Our district literacy (K-8) and math coaches (K-6 and 9-12) have a district focus on learning targets. Students now understand how learning targets and success criteria depicts their learning and are tied into formative assessments. The coaches will meet in PLCs monthly to strategize how to work with teachers to increase students' ability to self-assess, set goals, and track their learning. Professional development supports teachers to change classroom practice. All new learning is followed by support from our literacy and/or math coaches to focus on zones of learning and providing optimal learning opportunities.

Total Project = $91,698.15

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The ESEA coordinator / assistant superintendent presents the ESEA Dashboard to the full RSU #10 board. This information is then placed on the RSU #10 website. Included in each school newsletter is information about how to locate the ESEA RSU #10 Report Card for the district and school.

Here is the information and the link to the ESSA Dashboard on the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (also the ESEA coordinator) page --

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires all states and LEAs to provide an annual report card to inform stakeholders about the progress of students and schools on indicators of student achievement, graduation rates, status of ESEA accountability and information on fully certified teachers information that is related to student success. ESEA Report Cards are available for download from the Maine ESSA Dashboard (https://www.maine.gov/doe/dashboard).