2021-22 School Budget Information

What’s in a Budget?

Believe it or not it takes most of the school year to produce our district’s budget for the next school year. We begin in the summer with a review of our personnel, school and district goals. These goals guide our budget decisions. At this same time and into the fall we are reviewing all kinds of data regarding student performance, research, evaluation of programs. We consider what has changed as the school year has begun. For instance, do we have a decrease or increase of students and have their needs changed? This happens in every school and every department. Then in November each building principal and department leader, with input from their staff, puts together the expense side of the budget. In December and January all of these requests are turned into accounts by our Business Manager and we have our first draft of the “expense-side” of the budget. This draft is reviewed line by line by department, by Superintendent, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Director and Business Manager and the first adjustments are made. The Department of Education provides each School District with an initial revenue projection in February. At this point we are able to start looking at how the expense side of the budget will be supported by the revenues. From the end of February through April the School Board reviews the budget and determines what can be supported for the next year. This is difficult work and why we need to stay focused on our goals. The budget needs to be finalized and approved by the School board by the beginning of May in order to get published for the Budget Validation meeting and Vote at the polls the second Tuesday in June.