Financial Aid and Scholarships


Financial Aid can help you and your family meet college costs, both educational (tuition, fees, and books) and personal (housing, food, and travel). You should not rule out any college or program that interests you based on the cost alone. Many families and students can’t pay the full cost of education by themselves, and by applying for financial aid, you may be eligible and receive help that you weren’t expecting.

Types of Financial Aid - There are three types:

  • Grants or Scholarships (gift money that doesn’t need to be paid back);
  • Loans (student, parent or alternative options, must be repaid - usually after students have graduated or left school);
  • Work Study (part of the financial aid package which allows students to work on campus and earn a small paycheck).

How to Apply

  • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step for college-bound students. Students and parents may complete and submit the FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov after October 1st.
  • The CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE is required by some private colleges and universities. This is a completely on-line process and is accessed through www.collegeboard.org.
  • Institutional financial aid forms can be found on individual college’s websites.
  • Please contact financial aid offices at the colleges where you will be applying as they are often the best resource.

Financial Aid Night

The Mountain Valley High School Guidance Department sponsors an annual Financial Aid Information Night in the spring for juniors, but all are welcome. A representative from FAME (Finance Authority of Maine) will review and discuss changes in the FAFSA form, dispel any myths about the process, and help parents and students understand the options available to pay for college.

Scholarship Information

Click on local link for local scholarships.

Remember: Please be cautious of scholarship or financial aid programs that want to charge you for their service. The many websites listed in the Appendix are free services.